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We explain in this article how to track your indicators by project!

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How to track my indicators ?

Manage your projects

👆 To track your indicators by project, everything you need is in the Projects menu.

Your project tracking view

The tracking table enables you to:

👉 If you use Gryzzly Budget, your Projects view will also enable you to monitor the profitability of all your projects.

Analyzing your project profitability

Gryzzly enables you to read the indicators that affect every project and gauge their success:

  • Budget (revenue) = the amount for which the project was sold.

  • Purchasing costs = the value of external expenses made on the project (freelance, materials, research, etc.).

  • Gross margin = the gross margin (revenue – purchasing costs) as a percentage of revenue.

  • Man-hour cost = number of man-hours spent on a project * hourly rate / person.

  • Net margin = the net margin (revenue – purchasing costs – cost of time spent) as a percentage of revenue.

  • Average cost = the average cost of each worker involved in the project.

  • Completion rate = the completion rate based on time actually spent on the project.

How is the cost of time spent on my projects calculated?

Man-hour costs = Time spent (each worker) * Hourly rate (each collaborator with their own hourly rate).

⚙️ You can define this hourly rate for every person in your team from the Management menu.

To summarize, the cost of the time spent on a project is calculated as follows:

(hourly rate of person 1 * time spent by person 1) + (hourly rate of person 2 * time spent by person 2) + etc.

This hourly cost will be used to calculate the net margin, meaning the total profit for every project; in other words, what your business earns ! 🤑

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