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Create your projects
Create your projects

Projects are at the center of Gryzzly. You will create tasks or groups of tasks directly on your project in order to declare time!

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How do I create a project?

To create a project, go to the Projects panel.


If you're visiting the dashboard for the first time, Gryzzly will explain the structure of a project in a few words.

create first project

You can create your first project directly from onboarding by clicking on "create a project".

New projects

To create your projects, you only need to click on the ➕ New project button.

Project setup takes place on a dedicated interface.

Define information

👆 A project’s information is made up of all the elements that define it.

You must define:

  • The name of your project (mandatory),

  • A project code (optional),

  • A client (optional),

  • A start date and an end date (optional),

  • The tags (optional),

  • If the project is billable or not (mandatory),

  • The assignments (mandatory).

create project

The name

It is essential for identifying the project in the list of projects. You can search for it in the search bar or sort your projects by name.

The project code

Project codes enable you to identify your projects more easily, especially when exporting.

The customer

Add a client to a project so that you may then analyze your clients based on different projects linked to them.

Start and end dates

They help define and visualize the deadline of the project.


Tags enable you to find and analyze your projects by grouping or filtering them.

Billable or non-billable

You can choose whether your project is billable or not.

Assigning collaborators or teams

Assigning collaborators and/or teams enables you to determine who is involved in a project and what their responsibilities are.

Once you have filled in all this information, your project is ready.

However, it is still empty. To configure it, add:

  • Tasks (mandatory)

  • Task groups (optional)

  • expenses (optional)

  • Discounts (optional)

⚠️ You can only input time on tasks, so create at least one task to enter your project time. ⚠️

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