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Editing your projects
Editing your projects
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You wonder how to edit your projects? We have the solution!

Editing my projects

To amend information related to a project, go to its file and click the ✏️ Edit button.

Editing a project

👆 You can choose the information you want to edit:

  • The name of your project,

  • The start date and the end date,

  • The client the project is associated with,

  • The tags,

  • The billing,

  • The assignments.

⚠️ A billable project can’t switch to non-billable mode.

Bulk editing

From the Projects menu, you can edit certain elements of your projects in bulk!

You can:

  • Merge projects

  • Change project status

  • Link a client

Merging projects

🔄 To merge your projects:

  1. Select “merge”

  2. Select the projects you want merged,

  3. Chose the target project (all data will be merged to it),

  4. Merge! ✅

👇 Reminder👇

You can merge:

• A billable project to another billable project.

• A non-billable project to another non-billable project.

• A non-billable to a billable project.

You can’t merge:

• A billable project to a non-billable project.

Changing project status

🔄 To change project status in bulk:

  1. Select “Status”

  2. Select the projects whose status you want to change

  3. Set a new status

  4. Apply ✅

Link a client

🔄 To link multiple projects to a client:

  1. Select “Customer”

  2. choose the customer

  3. Select the projects you want to associate with the specific customer

  4. Apply ✅

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