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Create your task groups
Create your task groups

You can create task groups while configuring your project, or directly in a previously configured project, just as you would with tasks!

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How can I create my task groups?

👉 A task group corresponds to mid-level granularity for your project. You can’t input time entries on a group.

New group

To create a task group, click on the button Add a task group.

Task group creation

The information you need to fill in is the same as for a task.

Task group creation

Billing method

You can add a billing method to your task group. This will have a direct impact on the group’s sub-tasks.

Billing method

💵 In a fixed-fee group, budgets must be defined directly at the sub-task level.

💰 In a package fee group, the set amount and rate will be the same for all sub-tasks.

🆓 In a non-billable group, only non-billable subtasks will be added to the tally.

🕘 For time and material groups, there are 3 options:

  • Set a universal rate that will be the same across sub-tasks.

  • Set a rate directly onto subtasks.

  • Set a rate per person. In this scenario, the rate applied to each subtask will be based on the people reporting their time spent on it.

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