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How to edit my time?
How to edit my time?
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The Timesheet view allows you to find all the times declared over a period, to edit them, to delete them or to enter them in bulk. If you have forgotten to enter hours for a day, this is where things happen!

How do I edit my times?

To edit your statements, go directly to the Timesheet view in your dashboard!

✏️ To delete or change an entry, simply click the 3 dots beside the row corresponding to the statement in question.

change entry


👉 To modify the content of your entry, click on edit.

edit time

The tab then displayed will be pre-filled with data based on your last entry.

Simply adjust this information in the same way as you would state your worked time.


When you select delete, the statement is instantly wiped from the project for which your time was reported. 😊

delete time entry

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