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How do I activate or deactivate users in my team?
How do I activate or deactivate users in my team?
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☝️ You can define the status of your co-workers from the user management menu.

A co-worker’s status reflects their ability to use Gryzzly.

✏️ There are two statuses:

  • Active: the collaborator can use Gryzzly and the user counts as a licence in your subscription.

  • Deactivated: the colleague’s Gryzzly account is blocked, and they no longer count as a license in your subscription.

user status

🔴 IMPORTANT: User status has a direct impact on your subscription. 💳

Deactivating user accounts

✏️To deactivate a single user:

  1. Click on the three dots at the right edge of the user’s profile row

  2. Click on deactivate

deactivate team

✏️To deactivate user accounts in bulk:

  1. Check ✅ the users you want to deactivate

  2. Click edit

  3. Choose status as the Feature to update

  4. Click change to confirm

user activated

Once their account is deactivated, a user will no longer have access to the dashboard, and the chatbot will no longer respond to them.

Deactivated users are not displayed on the User tab by default.

🕵 To find disabled users, simply check the “Deactivated” filter.

👉 Deactivated users are displayed on a grey line.

deactivated user

To reactivate their accounts, simply follow the same procedure as when deactivating a user account.

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