Create expenses

You can easily add expenses either at the project level or in your task groups!

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How can I create expenses?

🛍 expenses include outsourcing, material costs, and other external acquisitions.

Create expense

Adding a new expense

For each purchase, please specify:

  • A name

  • Resale price: this is the price at which this purchase is resold for this project.

    You can then choose whether you want the resale price to be added to the total project budget or not.

  • Billing date: This is the date on which you invoiced this purchase to your client.

  • Estimated cost: this is an estimation of the actual purchase price (this data is informative and does not impact the project).

  • Actual cost: the actual cost of the purchase for the company.

  • Purchase date

create expense


👉 The purchase price represents a cost, so it affects the calculation of the net margin.

👉 In the preferences tab of your administration, choose whether you want the resale price or the actual cost of your purchase to impact the budget consumption.

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