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Manage your client portfolio
Manage your client portfolio

Let's learn everything about your client portfolio!

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How to manage your client portfolio

The client view grants you clear visibility into your entire customer portfolio👇

Your monitoring panel

Your monitoring panel enables you to:

Create a client

Nothing could be simpler than configuring a new client profile! Simply click on the client option at the tip right of your screen.

Create customer

Then set a name and someone in charge of this client!

That’s it ✅

Filter your clients

You can filter clients here just as you would in the Projects menu. You can sort customers based on the criteria of your choice: client status, person in charge, project status.

Edit, archive, and delete a client

Clicking on the 3 dots on the right of your client’s row, you can: edit, archive, or delete them.

🔴 Clients associated with a project cannot be deleted!

Analyze your clients

Thanks to these key indicators, you will know at a glance the exact status and/or profitability of each one of your clients:

  • Number of projects.

  • Time spent.

  • Planned budget.

  • Margin.

Finally, manage projects related to a client better and maximize your results by clicking on a client. 🚀

This reveals all the key indicators for each of your projects!

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