How to import projects in Gryzzly
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Do you need to import data in Gryzzly? Let’s find out what you can import and how.

Activate the import feature

You can go to Administration > Import page to upload your data.

Note: you must have admin privileges to access this section.

import projects

Import projects

You can then import your data with a .csv or .xslx format file!

👉 Important: The accepted column delimiter is [ , ] and the character format it UTF8. For decimals, use the [.]


Before creating your import file, we recommend that you define the structure of the projects and the tags that you want to put in place well in advance.

If any tags must be associated to the projects due to be imported, you must create your space’s tag structure on the Administration > Tags page.

How to structure your import file?

Depending on your subscription package and the tags you have created, you will find a structure template at the bottom of your import page:

structure import file

Note: You can copy-paste this content in a notepad, save your file on your computer, and then change the extension of your file to .csv.

You can then edit this file in spreadsheet software like Excel, Google Sheet or Open Office.

How to structure your projects and resources (tasks, expenses, discounts)?

Each line in your file must be filled in so that it facilitates successful project creation:

  1. [project]: your project

    1. [expense]: a expense in your project

    2. [discount]: a discount in your project

    3. [task]: a task or task group in your project

      1. [expense]: a expense in your task group

      2. [discount]: a discount in your task group

      3. [subtask]: a task or task group in your task group


  • Each project resource must have the name of the project it’s attached to in the corresponding column [Project Name]

  • Items [expense] and [discount] are optional

  • Items [expense] and [discount] must come after the [projet] item to be linked to it

  • Items [expense] et [discount] must be placed after a [task] item to be linked to a task group

  • A [subtask] item must be preceded by a [task] item

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