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Project export allows you to export data from a particular project or your projects as a whole. Let's see how it works!

Export my projects

🔐 You must have the manager role to be able to export.

How to export projects?

To export projects:

  1. Go to the projects view , or directly to the project file

  2. Define the period you want to analyse (the default period is the week)

  3. Apply the right filters

  4. Click on the "actions" button at the top right of your screen and select export

  5. Choose the file format

  6. Export

👀 Please note: Feel free to play with the filters and the period to export specific data.

export data

What does a project export contain?

The project export contains two tabs:

  • The project tab, which contains all the data related to the project(s)

  • The declarations tab, which contains all the entries for the project(s) concerned

All you have to do is create a pivot table to analyse the data more precisely thanks to the various indicators!

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