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Pricing: all about the Gryzzly subscription
Pricing: all about the Gryzzly subscription
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Gryzzly has different pricing depending on your team and the work you want to do!

How does the Gryzzly pricing work?

How to subscribe?

If you have just reached the end of your trial period and you would like to sign up for a subscription, simply go to your subscription page.

subscription page

Choose your plan, enter your contact and payment details, and presto! You have subscribed!

Easy, isn’t it? 😊

subscription page

Subscription plans

We offer you 4 subscription packages.

Gryzzly Free

This grants you chatbot access to submit your times aside from the dashboard.

Monitor your times for free for up to 5 users; perfect for small teams! 🤝

Gryzzly Free

Gryzzly Time

You want the same features as Gryzzly Free but you have more than 5 users?

Opt for Gryzzly Time!

Gryzzly Time

Gryzzly Budget

Gives you access to the same features as Gryzzly Time, as well as:

  • project types (fixed-fee, package fee, time and material),

  • budget tracking,

  • AHR management,

  • Profitability tracking.

Gryzzly Budget

Gryzzly Enterprise

Start by choosing the Time or Budget package, and the rest is 100% tailor-made!

Contact us directly at: [email protected] so that we can discuss a price and contract package that suits you.

Gryzzly entreprise

The billing rate and how the subscription works

Depending on the package, you can opt for monthly billing without commitment or a one-year arrangement and have 2 months of free subscription.

Gryzzly price

You will then be billed based on the number of users activated within your team over the past period.


Unless you sign up for a one-year subscription paid in advance, your Gryzzly subscription is non-binding, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

End my subscription

To end your subscription, simply go to the subscription page, and click on the unsubscribe link.

We’ll be sad to see you go but know that we won’t hold it against you. Gryzzly will be happy to have you back 🐻.

You’re leading a large team and you want to discuss the price?

👉 Contact our team at: [email protected]

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