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The administration menu enables you to change your team’s default preferences !

How does the administration menu work?

With Gryzzly’s Administration, you can:

🖱️ To access the team management page, click on the button at the bottom of the left column.

🔐 Please note: You must have manager privileges to access this page.

Team preferences

From the Settings tab, you can fine-tune your team settings and customize your Gryzzly to suit your needs.

team settings

Entry unit

This enables you to impose an input unit for the entire team.

input unit

⚠️ IMPORTANT: this has a direct and instantaneous impact on chatbot entries that applies to the entire team.

team input

Entry limit

This enables you to limit data entry so as not to exceed each employee’s work rate.

entry limitation

👉 If you enter as days or as a percentage, by default you cannot enter more than 100% or one day even if entry limitation is not activated.

Display titles

You can customize the display of your title fields when typing.

display titles

Analysis Unit

This enables you to customize the display of time values in the dashboard.

You can also set the currency that applies to you.


Default work pace

The work pace automatically calculates the work pace of future users invited by Gryzzly. So, it does not change the existing users’ work pace.

work pace

This feature can be customized for each collaborator with the Users tab.

Default reminder frequency

ℹ️ - The default reminder offered to your team displays at 5p.m. You can change it and set a reminder at a time of your choice.

👉 Note: This does not apply to new users only.

Any employee can customize their reminder settings from the chatbot with the “reminder” command.


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