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Define your contributors’ pace of work
Define your contributors’ pace of work
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One Gryzzly perk is that you can easily define a contributor's pace of work!

How to define your contributors’ pace of work?

☝️ You can set your collaborators' pace of work from the user management menu.

The work rate serves as the basis for calculating time entered either in percentages or day segments.

✏️ In the Users tab we’ll be referring to here, the menu is customizable to each employee.

  • Hours per day: Length of a working day.

  • Days per week: Number of work days in a week.

pace of work

⚙️ As an Administrator or Manager, you can set the team's default work pace from the Preferences tab.

preferences tab

📊 In the Team menu, setting the work pace enables you to visualize the occupancy rate of each collaborator as well as the overall team.

pace of work

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