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Track and analyze time per project
Track and analyze time per project

The project sheet allows you to monitor and analyze times; that's what makes it so important!

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What is a project sheet and how does it work?

👀 You view a breakdown of the key information on the project description

  • The name of the project

  • The type of project

  • Project status

  • Project tags

  • Deadline

  • The client it’s linked to

project's informations

You then have 4 management tabs at your disposal:

✏️ You can also edit, export, duplicate, reorganize, lock entries, archive or even delete your project from this page.

Summary tab

⏱️ The Summary tab focuses on time and budget (if it’s a billable project).

If the project has been charged for, then this is your favorite management tab. If the project has not been billed yet, this tab shows you your project costs.

So, you can track the progress of your project from here thanks to the budget consumption analysis graph.

consumption analysis graph

This is also where you can see the time allocated to each task.

Task allocation

The tab also displays an overview card with a summary of your project’s main information. Click on time, budget or margin to reveal it.

Project summary


📊 The monitoring section displays how time and budget progress; it’s a simplified version of the consumption analysis.

Monitoring time and budget


⌛ The Time section enables you to view the progress of time sold and time left.

Project's time


💰 The budget section is a review of project components that make up the amount for which it is sold.

  • Remaining budget: the remaining sold budget for the project based on its allocated budget.

  • The hourly ABR: time weighted hourly billable average rate

Project's budget


🤑 The margin section is an outline of the costs and margins achieved on the project.

It enables you to view:

  • Gross margin: project margin after expenses

  • Purchasing cost: cost of outsourcing

  • Time cost/person: total cost of man-hours, based on cost and corresponding time

  • A financial gauge of the individual elements


Finally, on the edge of the summary tab, you will find 3 elements:

  • The recent statements list

  • The project’s top 3 contributors

  • The breakdown chart featuring billable and non-billable time spent on the project

Tasks tab

👆 You can create, edit, archive, duplicate, or even delete your tasks on the tasks tab.

You can also add expenses and discounts here.

In essence, this tab enables you to set up the entire structure of your project.

Tasks tab

On this menu, you will find a list of all the tasks in your project, as well as their time entries and financial data.

Entry details tab

👆 The entry details tab enables you to view all time statements in detail.

To edit your collaborators’ entries directly from this menu, simply click on the three dots at the end of a specific statement and select edit.

You can reveal any entry’s details by clicking on it.

Finally, this tab enables you to view this project’s top contributors once again.

Entry details tab

Analysis tab

🧐 The analysis tab offers two-fold visibility:

  • By task: you can analyze details about the time spent by contributors on each task.

  • By collaborator: You can analyze details of the time spent on a task by each collaborator.

The associated costs are displayed in both cases.

You will also find a review chart of the project’s overall time spent per task.


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