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Manage my subscription
Manage my subscription

Access your customer portal from your dashboard. This will allow you to easily manage your subscription.

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How do I manage my subscription?

Once you have chosen the subscription that meets your needs, simply access your customer portal.

Customer portal

To access your customer portal and manage your subscription, go to the "subscription" tab in your administration. Then click on "manage my subscription".

customer portal

Your customer portal allows you to access all the information concerning your subscription:

  • Your offer

  • The number of licenses

  • The amount of your subscription

  • The subscription renewal date

  • The active payment method

  • All billing information

  • The history of all invoices

Invoice management

At the bottom of the page, in the "invoice history" section, manage all your invoices. 💸

You can thus access at a glance the status of your invoices (paid or pending) and pay them directly from the portal.

invoice gryzzly

Managing payment methods

The "payment method" section allows you to view all the payment methods used to settle your bills, including the default payment method.

Expired Credit Card

When one of your payment methods fails, you will receive a message from your dashboard to rectify your subscription.

In the majority of cases, it is simply due to the expiration of your credit card. You just need to go to your billing area and update your default payment method.

With just a few clicks, your subscription will be successfully rectified ✅

If the issue is not an expired credit card, please contact our customer support directly using the "assistance" button on your dashboard.

👉 If you have any questions regarding invoicing, please contact us at [email protected].

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