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Adding time entries from the dashboard
Adding time entries from the dashboard

You can input your time data in the Timesheet menu of your dashboard directly!

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How to add time entries directly from dashboard?

You can declare time directly on the timesheet view of your dashboard!

Adding a time entry

To add an entry, you only need to:

  1. Click on the + Log time button (top right corner) or on the ✚ sign at the end of the row for the date in question,

  2. Fill out the form,

  3. Click on the Add button to finalize your entry.

  4. Add any clarifications using the comment section (optional)

👉 With predictions, report your times quickly! Entries are pre-filled, all you have to do is add a time.

💡 Predictions are made according to your typing habits, the more you type, the more accurate they will be!

Two indicators will help with making your entry:

  • Your day: specifies the total time declared for that day

  • Your week: tells you the total time declared for the current week

Bulk input

Gryzzly enables you to declare your time in bulk from the Timesheet menu.

To do so, click on the “Bulk time entry” button at the top right of your screen or on the button to the left of the ➕ button at the end of the row for your chosen day.

bulk time entry

You then have two options:

  • Duplicate an entry for specific days

  • Choose a timeline for which you want to input your time and add the specific days of the week that this statement refers to

bulk time entry

Creating statements in bulk enables you to better manage recurring tasks and save valuable time!

Entry limits

By default, the maximum daily entry is 24h.

If you activate the input limit in your app preferences, each contributor’s entries will be limited based on their pace of work: length of the work day + length of the work week.

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